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Hokokuji temple / as known as “Bamboo Temple”

Shonan Mag EDITOR | Writer


Hokoku-ji Temple is famous for the beautiful bamboo grove.
There is a place inside this temple, where you can have tea as you look at the bamboo forest.
I frequently come here to get my mind off things.
Compared to other temples in Kamakura, this temple is less crowded.
You can enjoy the quiet atmosphere and beautiful bamboo forest.


There is greenery all around you. You will be embraced by the scent of the bamboo.
The air is crystal clear, clean and refreshing
Walking through this bamboo garden for a while, you can see / come across a small tea-house.
When you enter this tea-house, you will need to pay an admission fee and for the tea as well.


A matcha comes with Wasanbon, which is the traditional refined sugar served with tea.
I felt revived by the green tea and the bamboo forest’s soothing shades of green.
The tea is a bit bitter in taste and the mild, sweet sugar compliments it very well.
Sometimes I heard the calls of the birds and sound of the bamboo swaying.

You can have extraordinary experiences and you don’t need to worry about anything when you come here.
I felt that my body was somewhat lighter than before I had visited here.